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                                                                   Visionary/Musician/Producer/Artist SOC Records/Saxophone/Keyboards

Terrace Martin is one of the architects of the distinctly funky, jazzy, and unabashedly Black sound that made Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly not only one of the best albums of 2015, but also one of its most unique. Terrace Martin, Grammy award winning musician and producer, is a modern day visionary from the streets of Los Angeles. As an artist, producer and musician; Martin shatters the acknowledged rules of the popular sound with the creation of fresh and original compositions inspired by funk, jazz and classical music. Working closely with musical legends like Quincy Jones and Herbie Hancock, Martin is already leaving an indelible mark on the face of music and influencing current culture. 

As a child prodigy, Martin was destined for a life in music. Raised by Curly Martin, a jazz musician and Rose Mckinney a gospel singer; he began playing the piano and saxophone at an early age and sharpened his skills throughout high school, culminating in being awarded first chair in the California All-State jazz band. Recognizing his talents, Jay Leno awarded him a scholarship with which he purchased his first professional saxophone, laying the foundation for his love and passion for jazz music. 

“I started producing hip hop records because it was the music of my time, but I never lost my love for my foundation in jazz music," Martin says. His unbridled creativity within hip hop coupled with his prowess in jazz gives Martin a unique, distinguishable sound that is respected by his peers. Terrace's love for music and healing the world through its power promises a legacy that will inspire future generations to come. 

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